Western Europe in the 18th century


In a series of centuries of European history 18th century occupies a special place. There were epochs of the most excellent achievements, but there was no era the most complete stilevo, most, so announce, celokupnoj. Recognizable art critic n. Dmitrieva refers to his extreme age rule of aristocratic culture.

Hence his refinement and style, Sometimes damage depth. And immediately it is the era of the latest approval values Europeans, values, Koi alive now and Koi, in fact,

Gran Canaria - otlinoe place to live in Europe

Known twit of a famous writer on how to, the climate in Ireland is a wonderful, but the weather it ruins, You can completely turn and for a larger share of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. After all, if you omit the poetic part voprosca, vospevaûŝuû beauty of our autumn, winter and spring, you get, that at least nine months of the year we are present in the cold, mist and slush, as well as to all the impermanence of rose, characteristic for our latitudes Because among us, for sure, It is difficult to

Expats in Europe


There is hardly anyone, that is not really thought about the pros and cons of life abroad. As a rule, as the location for the temporary or permanent relocation of citizens of CIS countries consider developed EU Member States. That is why expats in Europe in most cases, feel, as home.

Live in Europe

Rich and poor Europe

Live in Europe want to many citizens of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, However, not all have credible information that, in what state is best to settle.

It's no secret, that coexist within the EU the rich and poor States.

Diaspora in Europe


The Russian-speaking population in Europe

The results of the research, who regularly take place in the territory of the EU, showed, that order 6 million people, speaking in Russian, reside in European countries. To understand, is it much or little, enough to provide, that approximately the same number of people live in Denmark, Finland and Slovakia. I.e, uniting, representatives of the Russian diaspora in Europe could create their own autonomous State. Despite this, experts are reluctant to speak about Russification of the West.